Otago Peninsula war memorial

Otago Peninsula war memorial

Otago Peninsula war memorial c1986.

Otago memorial Otago memorialOtago memorialOtago memorial

Otago peninsular memorial in 2010 - known locally as Arthur's Seat.

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SiteStyleOrnamentationUnveiling Date No of Dead
HillSoldier 18-Mar-192352

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Doug Hopkins

Posted: 13 Jul 2014

To Kyle and Jim. A bit late in replying, but thank you for the information re the gun at the memorial.. It is much appreciated and I now have found photographs of the wrecked guns.

Kyle Scott

Posted: 05 Jan 2012

Perhaps the third para in this article refers to the gun that was at his monument. http://riv.co.nz/rnza/shrapnel/lostguns.htm

Jim Taylor

Posted: 19 Dec 2010

Yes, a Field, & Machine gun, from, I think W.W.1 stood near those rocks for many years. The last I saw of them 20 years or more ago, the Machine gun was buckled and bent and one wheel on F/Gun collapsed, the other reduced to its iron tyre and few rotting spokes. I think the place had been Vandalized a few times!
This F/gun and Mach/gun was a common pairing throughout the Commonwealth and U.K. close to Memorials. They must have been a high production favourite of the German Military. This pairing was close to my local memorial in Petworth, W/Sussex. As young boy's, self and friends had many a War game playing on the F/Gun in particular, around the Items.
In attempt to identify the piece would be something like "Krupp, 77mm Fieldkanon 96 N/A.", although I would have thought the breech opening to be closer to 45 mm. but the rest of structure much the same. M/Gun a heavy rigid frame. And I think, still then had remains of a Canvas belt feed, but as you know the memory gets a bit hazy 70 years on. Regards, Jim.

Doug Hopkins

Posted: 24 Sep 2010

Does anybody know if there was ever an old artillery gun at this memorial. Doug.