Otakeho war memorial

Otakeho war memorial

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Elaine Allcock

Posted: 14 Apr 2010

My 2 sons and I are about to travel to India to find a little more about my fathers upbringing. On looking through documents I notice a photo of PTE N Snellex of Otakeho who died of war wounds in France 27/07/1917. My Dad spelt his name as they do in Poland (Snelleksz) but some of his relations anglisised it on arriving in NZ. Pte N Snellex is obviously part of the family so I am contacting you in the hope you may have some information you could share with me. I live in Sydney but my eldest son lives in Auckland so if you do have any information would you be kind enough to either send it to me or to garyallcock@xtra.co.nz....many thanks...Elaine Allcock.