Ōtāne war memorial

Ōtāne war memorial

Ōtāne war memorial c1986.

Otane memorial Otane memorial Otane memorial

Ōtāne war memorial 2010, including names listed.

Additional image by Jock Phillips, 2010:

Otane memorial

SiteStyleOrnamentationUnveiling Date No of Dead
IntersectionCrossWreath 13

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Peter Trask

Posted: 29 Nov 2012

Back in the 1990's I was employed by the Central Hawkes Bay District Council as the Land Transport Engineer. I had occasion to prevent the then CHB Power Board from removing or mutilating a number of trees bordering Henderson Street in Otane. It wasn't until I pointed out that the avenue was planted in memory of those Otane men who had fallen in the Great War, one tree for each who had died, and that the avenue was registered with the Dept. of Internal Affairs as a memorial that I was successful in stopping the desicration of the avenue. I am still of the belief that the avenue is registered and therefore should be listed on your site. I can supply a photograph of the avenue should you so wish. Regards, Peter Trask (retired)