Otaua War Memorial Bowling Green

Otaua War Memorial Bowling Green Otaua War Memorial Bowling Green Otaua War Memorial Bowling Green

On 21 September 1946 the Otaua Welcome Home Committee unveiled the Otaua Second World War roll of honour in the local public hall. This listed the names of 43 residents of the district who had served during the war, three of whom had given their lives.

On 20 November 1954, the village gained a more substantial memorial with the formal opening of the Otaua District War Memorial Bowling Green. This was situated across the road from the hall. A stucco fence along the road frontage was punctuated by an archway giving access to the bowling green and the modest pavilion. (The original pavilion was replaced in 1963.)

A granite memorial plaque set above the arch was inscribed: “In loving memory of / the men of the district / who fell in two world wars / 1914-18 ― 1939-45.” The plaque was flanked by the letters OM and BC (this probably stood for ‘Otaua Memorial Bowling Club’ rather than ‘Otaua Men’s Bowling Club’).

Otaua and district servicemen from both world wars are also listed on the Waiuku and Districts rolls of honour on display in the Waiuku War Memorial Town Hall. The Second World War roll of honour there has an additional three Otaua names.

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