Port Chalmers Merchant Navy plaque

Port Chalmers Merchant Navy plaque

Memorial Plaque 1951 Strike memorial

A memorial plaque acknowledging the contributions and sacrifices made by Merchant Navy seamen during the Second World War was unveiled on the front wall of the Port Chalmers Maritime Museum on 14 February 1993. The plaque and the occasion were jointly funded by Port Otago Ltd, the local waterside workers’ union, and the Port Chalmers seafarers’ centre. Two other plaques which recall periods of conflict are set on the wall of the museum (formerly the Port Chalmers Post Office building): one pays tribute to the part played by Port Chalmers in the South African War; the other was erected by the Dunedin branch of the NZ Waterfront Workers Union on 15 February 2001 to commemorate what was termed the 1951 waterfront lock-out and supporting strikes.

See: ‘Plaque in memory of merchant seamen’, Otago Daily Times, 15/2/1993, p. 5; ‘Merchant navy war victims recalled’, ibid., p. 26.

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