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The Pukeatua First World War memorial obelisk was unveiled outside the Tautahi Public Hall on 15 September 1921. The names of eleven men who had lost their lives ("In war they found peace") and 32 others who had also served were inscribed around its base. After the ceremony, a memorial tablet listing the names of former pupils of the Pukeatua School who had served was also unveiled at the nearby school.

In 1946 the community decided that an undenominational church would be a suitable community Second World War memorial. Rev. L.A. Brooks, Vicar of Te Awamutu, formally opened the Pukeatua war memorial church on 18 December 1955. The foundation stone reads: DEDICATED / TO THE GLORY OF GOD / AND THE MEMORY OF THOSE / WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES / 1914-1918 [/] 1939-1945. Inside, behind the altar, are two brass plaques (not pictured here) inscribed with the names of twelve men from the district who gave their lives during the First World War names (Lieutenants F. Brill M.M. and E.S. Innes-Jones; Sergeant C.M. Rope; Troopers R.E. Hildreth and J.S. Sutherland; Privates E. Boyce, J.L. Houston, A. Hunter, H. Jemmett, J. Laurenson and M. Saunders; and Rifleman P. Barron) and six men from the Second World War (Sergeant Observer D.L. Rhodes; Leading Aircraftman K.G. Weal, Sergeant C.A. Graff, Corporal J.C. Donald, Private R. McKee and Trooper C. Woods).

Three pews in the church were donated by next of kin. The brass cross above the altar was donated by the parents of Private Horace James Jemmett. Memorial services are still held at the church.

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