Pyes Pa veterans memorial

Pyes Pa veterans memorial

Pyes Pa memorial Pyes Pa Maori Side Lest We Forget Dedication

On 20 April 2008, to mark the Year of the Veteran 2006, a new memorial was unveiled in Pyes Pa Memorial Park near Tauranga. This incorporated a statue of a New Zealand soldier, a two-metre high black polished granite slab inscribed with the words of ‘In Flanders Fields’ in both English and Māori translation, and a flagpole.

The front of the plinth was inscribed with the following words: “Lest we forget. This memorial marks the Year of the Veteran. It is dedicated to New Zealand servicemen and women and all their allies who have served in all conflicts and peace keeping missions that the New Zealand Armed Forces have been involved in.” The other three faces were inscribed with quotations from Winston Churchill, Col. William G. Malone and Alfred Tennyson.

The memorial was funded by Elliott’s Funeral Services.

See: ‘There’s Nothing Worse than War: Memorial Tribute Unveiled’, Bay of Plenty Times, 21/4/2008, p. 5.

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