Quad tractor towing 25-pounder in Korea

Quad tractor towing 25-pounder in Korea

A Quad towing a 25-pounder gun in Korea.

Commentary about this image by Bob Jagger

The gunners here were in a difficult position, with the bad angle making the situation precarious. They were trying to work out how they were going to get the tractor Quad and gun over the hilly ground. It didn’t actually tip over!

Most of our Quads were Fords and in this case, the gun was hooked directly to it.

Another thing that not too many people realise is the Royal New Zealand Artillery troops were the first ever be equipped with and to go into combat with the now famous 25-Pounder. We continued to use the gun through the Second World War, Korea and the Vietnam era.

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Angus Mclean

Posted: 29 Jul 2013

The photo does not show a 25-pounder gun on tow, rather it is a recovery truck towing a quad truck up to a road after an accident which has staved the canvas roof structure in.


Posted: 26 Jul 2013

I believe bob may have it a bit wrong. That is a Scammell recovery truck. http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/collections_view.aspx?id=19

Looking at the damage to the Gun Tractor it appears to have crashed or 'fallen' off the top bank.