Queen Victoria statue

Queen Victoria statue

F. J. Williamson's bronze statue of Queen Victoria, unveiled in Albert Park as a Diamond Jubilee project in 1899, would be the site of many Empire Day events. For more information on Queen Victoria monuments, see Mark Stocker, 'Queen Victoria Monuments in New Zealand: a Centenary Survey', History Now, 7/4. November 2001, pp. 5-9. For more information on the Albert Park statue, visit the 100 New Zealand places entry here.

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Posted: 24 Sep 2010

Hi Kelly. History Now lasted from 1995-2005 - see National Library catalogue . It should be available from any of the main libraries. Regards, Jamie Mackay.


Posted: 23 Sep 2010

hi i was looking at this page and i wanted to search the article you have recommended, called "Queen Victoria Monuments in New Zealand." i thought it was an article from "History Now" and i found out that their oldest issue was 2004. Is your citation correct? I would really like to view this article so could you please reply back as soon as possible. Thank You very much