Saint John’s Church Memorial Cross, Feilding

Saint John’s Church Memorial Cross, Feilding

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The congregational war memorial at Saint John’s Anglican Church, Feilding, is a rough-hewn granite Celtic cross in the church grounds. This was unveiled by Major W.H. McLean, MC, on 20 February 1921. It was inscribed:

“To the men of this parish who died for their country 1914 – 1918. ‘Their name liveth for evermore’”. The following 27 names were listed: G.I. Atkinson, R. Booth, D. Buckeridge, A. Cowdrey, W. Cuff, J. Cuff, W. Fisher, C. Fisher, B. Goodbehere, A. Hannett, B. Hopping, K. E . Mason, E. Knyvett, O. Niccolls, A. B. O’Neale, C. Peddar, H. Pearpoint, C. Pilcher, C. Phillips, H. Ray, A. Shoebridge, L.C. Simpson, A.F. Simpson, S. Smith, C. Standen, J. Tantrum and G. Walpole.

After the Second World War a further 22 names were added: B. P. H. Boniface, C.E. Burrell, N.F. Buxton, S.A. Crump, F.M. Dahl, R.G. Edwards, N.B. Fawcett, J.A.C. Fowler, G. A. Griffith, G. H. Herdman, G. D. C. Love, R.E.G. Mason, C. K. McKenzie, H.H. Marshall, W.G. Russell, W.A. Shannon, A.R. Street, W.L. Shirley, J. Thompson, A.H. True, C.E. Wells and G. Wells.

See: G.J. Fitzpatrick, St John’s Church, Feilding: The First Fifty Years, Feilding, 1932, pp. 34-5.

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Posted: 17 Dec 2017

I stand corrected. Your date is correct. It looks like after the cross' initial unveiling in 1921 it was subsequently "unveiled" again in 1923 by Lord Jellicoe. This link tells of the initial unveiling.