St Alban's Church memorial tower

St Alban's Church memorial tower

St Albans memorial St Albans memorial St Albans memorial

The memorial tower at St Alban's Church, Dominion Road, Auckland. The tower was dedicated in October 1923 - see this related article from the Auckland Star, 15 October 1923.

This article from 26 August 1918 has more information about the font in the church, which was donated as a memorial to the sons of Mr. J.W. Bailey who had been killed in the First World War.

The church features the names of a number of servicemen who are listed on memorial plaques, pews, on the font and the altar:

First World War

  • Allan Richard Bailey 1297
  • Henry Irwin Bailey 10073
  • Ernest Claude Cook 3/2615
  • Henry George Clark 4/1905
  • Edwin Mitchelson Clark 12/3920
  • Herbert William Cox 2/2391
  • William Emmins 21234
  • Karl Jenkins 56303
  • Herbert Samuel Mackay 12/2023
  • Robert Alexander Reid 26914
  • Cecil Francis Cantlay 23969
  • James Charles Booth 46430
  • Cecil Frank Booth 21485

Second World War

  • William John Green NZ421702
  • Allan Warden Pugh 28783
  • Edward Henry Vazey A/1821

The foundation stone reads:

To the Greater Glory of God
Let the Living be Humble 
This stone was laid by 
Alfred Walter Bishop of Auckland 
October 29 1922

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