St Andrew's Church, Stratford roll of honour

St Andrew's Church, Stratford roll of honour

Roll of Honour for those associated with St Andrews Church, Stratford, c1918.

Names on the roll:

Corporal J F Anderson; Private Irving Blackstock; Private R Dudley Cameron; Bombardier E D Evans; Surgeon Captain A O Evans; Private [Tom?] J Gorton; Private William Jamieson; Trooper John Johnston; Private Harry Kilpatrick; Sergeant-Major C W Milner; Private John Petrie; Private Robert Reid; Gunner Stanley J Robinson; Corporal Robert A Sangster; Corporal-Farrier W Tucker; Captain Mowray Urquhart; Lieutenant Robert Wood; Private Harold Lister and Private Stanley Metcalfe of 3rd Reinforcements; Rifleman W R Thompson of 4th Reinforcements; Private David M Harvey of 6th Reinforcements; Rifleman Wallace G Cate and Rifleman A Douglas Corkill of 7th Reinforcements; Driver V J Burnett and Trooper James R Linn and Driver E A Walsh of 8th Reinforcements; Lieutenant F H Anderson and Corporal Leslie R Curtis and Driver L C Thompson of 9th Reinforcements; Trooper Frank E Burkett and Private H G Reeves and Private James G Sangster and Private Jack Sherriff of 10th Reinforcements; Lance Corporal Robert Guppy of 11th Reinforcements; Sergeant G E Anderson and Sergeant A R Madill and Private Evan Jones of 12th Reinforcements; Sapper Geoffrey T Lawrence and Sapper James Reid of 14th Reinforcements; Private E Brocklebank of 16th Reinforcements; Corporal Walter Blackstock of 17th Reinforcements; Private William Sherriff of 18th Reinforcements; Private George B Crossan of 22nd Reinforcements; Private J B Crossan of 24th Reinforcements; Corporal E H Robinson of 36 Battalion A.J.F., Lieutenant Archibald Warner of African Field Engineers.

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