St James Church memorial window, Kerikeri

St James Church memorial window, Kerikeri

Kerikeri church memorial Kerikeri church memorial

St James Anglican Church, Kerikeri, was opened on 15 December 1878; additions to the building in the same style were dedicated on 4 June 1963.

On the northern wall of the nave is a unique war memorial window, the Prisoners of War memorial window. This features the FEPOW (Far East Prisoners of War) badge, a representation of two soldiers at Anzac Cove, Union Jacks, and the famous Kohima epitaph: “When you go home, tell them of us and say / For your tomorrow, we gave our today” (as inscribed on the memorial at Kohima in India, where the Japanese forces were turned back in 1944).

The accompanying plaque reads: “TO THE GLORY OF GOD / This memorial window has been donated by / Bill & Eve Warbrick / IN MEMORY OF THE ALLIED P.O.W.S / who lost their lives in the construction of the / infamous railway along the River Kwai. / / Also of all the men & women who sacrificed their / lives in the cause of freedom in both World Wars / Greater love hath no man than this / that a man lay down his life for his friends / / John 15.13.”

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