St John's memorial lychgate, Trentham

Wooden roofed gateway to church

Wooden roofed church gateway leading to street

A memorial lychgate was dedicated at St John's Anglican Church, Trentham, on 18 April 1925. It was made from oiled jarrah, with a roof of asbestos tiles, and had supporting walls constructed of stones taken from the Hutt river-bed and transported to the site by members of the parish. The commemorative tablet was a granite block inscribed: 'This gate / is erected to the glory of God / and in memory of those members / of the Church of England / from / Trentham, Upper Hutt / and surrounding districts / who laid down their lives / in the Great War / August 1914 - November 1918'. (Contrary to a newspaper report of the time, the names of the fallen were not listed on the tablet.)

Inside the church are several other war-related memorials (not pictured here): a plaque in memory of John Herring Cruikshank, who was killed in France on 8 May 1917; a plaque in memory of Pilot Officer Thomas William McClure Leckie, who was killed in England in 1941; a gradine or retable dedicated on 4 August 1946 in memory of Warrant Officer Robert Jack Braddock; and a stained glass window installed in December 1958 in memory of members of the parish who gave their lives in the two world wars.

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