Surrender of Ngāi Te Rangi

Surrender of Ngāi Te Rangi

Surrender of the Ngai Te Rangi at Te Papa – coming in with arms. 25th July, 1864.

Scene at Tauranga following the defeat of Ngāi Te Rangi at Te Ranga the month before. The White Ensign can be seen flying on a flagpole. Ngāi Te Rangi leader Hōri Ngātai is on his feet addressing a large group of seated Māori. Captured British swords have been plunged into the ground close to the table at which the peace agreement is being signed. Two houses can be seen in the background and there is a distant view of Mauao (Mt Maunganui).

The surrender of arms was a largely symbolic gesture, as most of the weapons handed over by Ngāi Te Rangi were old and virtually useless. Most kept the modern weapons they had captured at Gate Pā. The swords – of ceremonial rather than practical value to men who fought on foot – were readily parted with.

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