Tai Tapu war memorial

Tai Tapu war memorial

Tai Tapu war memorial c1986.

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Tai Tapu memorial, 2010.

The memorial is traditional stepped and slightly tapered cenotaph made from semi-marbelised limestone (possibly imported stone) with a basalt cap. Large crosses are let into the East and West faces and ceramic (buff coloured terracotta) wreaths are on the other two faces at the top.

White marble tablets record the names of 13 WW1 servicemen and 8 WW2 servicemen, killed. White marble tablets are inscribed with PALESTINE, GALLIPOLI, FRANCE & EGYPT at the base.

A small black granite tablet records the debt of gratitude for servicemen who served in South Africa, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam. In 2010 the stonework, tablets and pointing are in superb condition.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Intersection Cenotaph Wreath, cross 26-Apr-1925 13

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