Takapuna war memorial

Takapuna war memorial

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Takapuna memorial located in the forecourt of the Takapuna council buildings and next to the Library on The Strand at Takapuna, Auckland. There are 18 First World War, 191 Second World War and one man in the Korean War listed on the memorial plaques.

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Transcript of names on the memorial, supplied by John Halpin:

First World War  
Ansenne H.M.Billett C.Brett H.
Budge J.Dodson F.H.Frater R.A.
Hart A.Haydon F.R.Morten R.F.
Noble A.Pierce A.P.H.Pierce E.H.
Rogers W.E.Sanders W.E.Slade F.
Williams A.E.Williams W.R.Wright W.J.
Second World War  
Abercrombie L.N.Alexander T.A.H.Allen G.E.M.
Anderson W.A.Armstrong C.A.Atkinson N.J.
Baillie D.Baker D.Barclay T.S.
Beattie J.N.Bennett P.J.Bentley R.C.T.
Birnie R.Blair E.A.Blamires R.G.
Blatch F.C.Boate B.P.Bomford J.H.
Bomford S.R.W.Bond R.H.B.Booth H.P.
Broadhouse J.Brooker R.S.Buchanan J.G.
Buckley R.C.Buckley T.W. Butland A.
Butler L.L.Chaldwell J.R.Campbell R.D.
Carpenter A.J.Clayton S.E.Cleverdon R.J.
Clouston W.A.Cochrane T.D.Cooper H.
Crump D.R.Culpan N.S.Dalton R.G.
Darroch R.H.De Vere G.W.Deighton G.F.
Dixon T.A.Doherty E.C.H.Dreaver B.C.
Dunn H.G.Eastgate D.W.Edwards J.W.
Edwards R.B.Ellenberger C.C.Ellis B.A.
Elphick C.A.Evans B.G.Ferguson M.S.
Finlayson C.J.Finlalyson T.S.Foot S.E.
Fotheringham R.E.E.Garland H L de FGee A.R.
Gemmell A.R.Gill F.K.Gillett K.D.
Glover E.T.Goodfellow W.D.L.Gotham-Potter J.F.
Graham R.B.Grant R.H. Gray I.L.
Gray J.R.Green W.R.Grice B.F.
Grut H.J.Haden F.S.Harvey E.W.
Hay B.HHaydon C.W.Herrick R.S.
Hewett B.D.Higson A.G.Hill K.A.
Honan J.B.Horrocks D.R.Horrocks R.E.
Horspool G.N.Hosking N.J.Hughes E.W.
Hulme H.C.Hume L.H.Hunt J.F.
Hurren R.B.M Hyde C.L.Jenkin R.F.
Johnson G.B.Johnson S.G.Jones J.S.
Jorgensen M.O. Jorgensen W.C.Kay H.
Kindred H.J.Kingsford J.J.Knight L.G.
Langridge E.A.Latta S.Laurenson I G.
Lawson O.R.W.Leahy I.S.Lornie R.W.
Lyon W.J.McCorkindale K.J.D.McCutchan J.G.
McDevitt W.J.McGeehan P.O.D.McKay W.D.
McKechnie L.D.McLean A.W.McLean D.B.
McLeod G.E.McMurtrie A.D.MacKechnie I.A.
Mackie S.C.R.Maclean C.D.Madden F.R.
Mander R.B.Martin A.J.Meharry H.J.
Meneely J.Miles R.J.B.Miller L.
Mortensen V.J.Morton E.E.Mullane J.G.
Murray I.A.Oliver M.G.Patterson T.C.B.
Payne F.Peek I.H.Pepper C.S.
Peterson B.L.Philson J.D.Pollock T.K.
Pratt C.W.Rabone R.J.S.Reid F.G.
Reid I.L.Reynolds E.S.Rhodes T.N.
Riddell E.A.Shaw R.G.Sidford C.J.
Simmonds D.Simmons C.F.Smeaton W.H.
Smith C.T.Spence A.B.Steel M.J.
Stenborg G.Stephenson E.Stephenson N.A.
Stevenson C.Stevenson L.W.Stewart J.M.
Stott D.J.Strong L.A.Talboys E.S.
Taylor R.C.C.Thomas F. Thomas R. 
Thomas R.R.Tietjens S.M.Turner N.C.
Turtill A.C.Tye R.H.Undrill A.L.
Upton L.H.Veitch J. Waddell J.M.
Walker J.Walters H.G.Waters D.O.
Weight D.V.Wells T.A.Wheeler G.O.
Whyte J.Wilson J.A.Wilson J.I.
Wood N.H.Wordsworth W.Wright J.B.
Dix F.H.Turner E. 
Korean War   
Vugler C.J.  

Find out more about the people listed on this memorial on Auckland Museum's Cenotaph website

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