Tauwhare war memorial hall

Tauwhare war memorial hall

Tauwhare Memorial hallTauwhare Memorial detail

Tauwhare war memorial hall, opened on 12 September 1953.

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Gillian Hansen

Posted: 12 Aug 2015

Military Service in World Wars;
There was just inside the entrance door to the Tauwhare school a Roll of Honour hanging on the wall, listing local men from the district who died in WW1. Alfred Tickelpenny, William Adams,Clarence Eyre, John Guest, George Guest, Percy Deaville, Gilbert Lynds, Arthur Field and Albany Field were all killed in action or died of wounds.
The Roll of Honour for WW11 is in the War Memorial Hall. J.B.Honan died while serving overseas in the army and A.M. (Max) McInnes, an airman was also killed. Those who served overseas and returned were: Matron D.I. Brown, C.D.Bryant, J.J. Dingle, W.M. Dingle, J.Davis, W.J. Goodare, D.M.Hughes, A.H. Hansen, T.W. Honan, B.G.Mulholland, T. Neil, R.J.L. Nicholls, A.S. Playle, A.M.Read, M.W. Read, R.H. Read, R.M. Ranstead, R.A. Ramsay, R. J. Sattrup, A.T. Shaw, B. R. Shaw, D. Stevens and F. Thompson.