Te Kauwhata Soldier's Memorial

Memorial Memorial Roll of Honour

The Te Kauwhata Soldiers’ Memorial was unveiled on the Village Green on 11 April 2015. It is constructed from five segments of concrete obtained from the Waterview tunnel project in Auckland. Two of the segments lean together, representing the spirit of ANZAC: New Zealand and Australian soldiers supporting each other. The other three bear dedicatory inscriptions in English and Māori and the Te Kauwhata & Districts Roll of honour: five aluminium tablets on which are inscribed the names of 23 men who died in the First World War and 15 who died in the Second World War; the name of L.W. Manning, who died in East Timor; and the names of 174 men who also served. 

The memorial was erected as a community project by the local Lions Club.

See: ‘New soldiers’ memorial for Te Kauwhata’, Waikato Times, 8/4/2015; ‘Pillars represent the Anzac spirit’, Lion South Pacific Edition, May/June 2015, pp. 5-6.

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What do you know?

R Manderson

Posted: 20 Feb 2019

Te Kauwhata Primary School nearby also has within their grounds, a war memorial displaying 8 names, presumably of ex pupils, who died in war.

R Manderson

Posted: 25 Nov 2016

It is a pity that an elegantly designed and constructed modern memorial fails to commemorate all the men and women who served from the Te Kauwhata district in WW1 and WW2. Attempts to add approximately 150 further names of those known to have served from the district, have been thwarted by the Te Kauwhata Lions Club who claim the memorial was never ever intended to represent all who served. November 2016.