Te Pahu roll of honour

Te Pahu roll of honour

The Te Pahu roll of honour was unveiled in the Te Pahu community hall on 23 January 1949. Designed by Messrs Hill and Hawkins of the Hamilton firm Booth & Chapman, this was a wooden carving representing an open book, placed within a glass cabinet. The book’s pages were inscribed with the names of 11 men who had been killed on active service and 26 men who had also served during the First World War; and of nine men killed and 36 who also served in the Second World War.

The Te Pahu hall was first opened in 1911 and reopened after the completion of major extensions and renovations in two stages in 1981 and 1982.

See: Te Pahu School Centennial, 2011, pp. 52-3.

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