Te Poi First World War memorial

Te Poi First World War memorial

Te Poi war memorial hall

Te Poi memorial names

Te Poi memorial hall (ww2)

Te Poi memorial names

Names from First and Second World War roll of honour boards. Te Poi has a memorial hall for each World War joined together.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Intersection Hall    Erected 1922 (ww1) 2 (ww1), 8 (ww2)

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The Vale

Posted: 07 Aug 2019

A small meeting was held in Matamata 2 days ago to discuss the future of the Te Poi war Memorial hall..
As you can see in the photos above it is not just a hall, it is a monument to honour those who sacrificed their life and for the freedom of this Nation.
The Matamata D.C.C. Painted a grim picture as to the condition of this Monument and the cost to restore this Monument in memory of those who gave their blood.
Soon the Council will send a yes or no voting form to the the local residents outlining as many negative aspects I suspect to obtain a yes destroy vote.

Please let history know that I am verhementlly against the destruction of this monument even though I have only lived in Te Poi for 57 years and was born in Europe were people restore Monuments at all cost.

To my knowledge no grants from any source or donations or support from ex residents etc have been considered.

Theo Vale

Esther Bell

Posted: 28 Sep 2010

History of this hall can be found in "Down at the Hall: Celebrating Matamata Country Halls" by Joan Stanley published by Matamata Historical Society Inc. 2009