Te Puke war memorial

Te Puke war memorial

Te Puke war memorial gates in c1986. This gates are now at the entrance to a Te Puke school further up Cameron Road, as these images show:

Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial

Further information from Geoffrey Booth, 2013:

The area behind the gates is the playing field in the lower part of Te Puke Primary School. The Te Puke High School domain is on the other side of the road. The building that used to be in this area showing behind the gates was originally built as the combined Primary School and High School. My mother, who was born in 1923, attended there.

The High School was later built across the road and the Primary School was built on land to the left of the picture further up Cameron Road. The building was then used for the senior classes (Std 4 - Form 2) of the Primary School. The school library was also in the old building. I was in Std 4 in 1964 and remember the building well.

The old school building was removed when an Intermediate School was built and later the gates were shifted from their position in the photograph to the main entrance of the Primary School about 100 metres further up Cameron Road.

Part of the old School building is now the Te Puke Repertory Society's theatre in Litt Park.

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