Nohorua and Te Wainokenoke

Nohorua and Te Wainokenoke

Nohorua, shown with his wife Te Wainokenoke and son Tuarau, was the half-brother of the Ngāti Toarangatira chief, Te Rauparaha. As the eldest in the whānau (extended family), Nohorua’s rank was that of tuakana (senior). In addition he was trained as a tohunga (learned expert), and was probably responsible for choosing the dates on which important initiatives were taken by Te Rauparaha and his followers.

Painting by George French Angas in c1844. He  records that the group is depicted ‘in a potato ground, or clearing at Kahotea, between Takapuwahia and Titahi Bay - Porirua; in the distance is a cooking shed, thatched with nikau leaves. The chief is seated by the trunk of a tree-fern, and the bird [near the supplejack] is ... the fan-tailed fly catcher. E Wai, was recovering from an illness at the time of my visit, and had therefore been placed under a tapu so strict, that every spot of ground whereon she sat was rendered sacred for a certain number of days; one of these tapued places is represented ... fenced around with twigs that its sanctity may not be infringed upon.’

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Posted: 12 Apr 2022

I know both whakapapa well. Definately unrelated. Te Hata Horua is from Raukokere and is buried there in the Bay of Plenty. His father was Te Peehi Horua, his grandfather Anaru and great grandfather Mokena was from Kennedy Bay in the Coromandel. Nohorua was Ngati Toa and Te Atiawa, he was older than Mokena as well.

Mrs Susan, Keriana Te Wawata, Foden nee Horua

Posted: 18 Oct 2019

I believe to be a descendant of Nohorua, My father was Te Moana, Monty Horua, his father was Te Hata Horua of Ngati Porou, Te Whanau A Apanui, and believe to be, Te Pehi, who maybe the father of Te Hata and Anaru is Te Pehi's father and Mokena maybe the father of Anaru who maybe the son of Nohorua, I am certain about the names, just not the order of, I do know he was the older brother of Te Rauparaha, thank you for this opportunity to maybe find out whether I'm close or not? nga mihi atu kia koe!