First meeting of the NCWNZ

First meeting of the NCWNZ

The first meeting of New Zealand’s National Council of Women in Christchurch, April 1896.

A caption for this image, reproduced in Patricia Grimshaw, Women's Suffrage in New Zealand, 1972,  lists the women:

From left, standing:

Mrs A. Ansell (Dunedin), Mrs Henry Smith (Christchurch), Miss A. E. Hookham (Christchurch), Mrs G. Ross (Christchurch), Jessie Mackay (Christchurch), Mrs Isherwod (Christchruch), Mrs Black (Christchurch), Mrs Widdowson (Christchruch), Miss F. Garstin (Christchurch), Mrs Wallis (Christchurch), Mrs Darling (Christchurch), Jessie Williamson (Wanganui), and Mrs Wilson (Christchurch),


Mrs G.J. Smith (Christchurch), Amey Daldy (Auckland), Mrs Hatton (Dunedin, vice-president), Anna Stout (Wellington, vice-president), Kate Sheppard (Christchurch, president), Annie Schnackenberg (Auckland, vice-president), Margaret Sievwright (Gisborne, vice-president), Marianne Tasker (Wellington), and Mrs D. Izett (Christchurch).

Seated on the floor:

Mrs C. M. Alley (Malvern); Ada Wells (Christchurch, secretary), and Mrs Bain (Christchurch). Anna Stout (fourth from left), ; and, seated on floor:  (centre) and Wilhelmina Bain (right).

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