Tokaanu First World War memorial

Tokaanu First World War memorial

Tokaanu war memorial.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Church Square obelisk     1

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Tauteka Gabriel Charles O'Brien Healey [Nickname Gabe]

Posted: 28 Aug 2023

In the photo of the church, you can see the Healey homestead in the background. That is where I grew up in 1952.I went to St joseph's Covent in Waihi on the shores of lake Taupo. I was born in Taumarunui, my name is Tauteka Gabriel Charles Obrien Healey I live in Perth Australia and I'm 71 years old.

My dad had a trucking business, which transported goods for the local community between Taumarunui-Natinal Park-Turangi and Tokaanu great days then, still visited home from time to time over the years great memories of growing up there.

My fanmily is.
Dad-Raymond Healey [RIP] Mum: Ani Healey [RIP] Brothers: John, Mike [RIP], Allan, Martin, Laurie, Tauteka [Gay] Sisters: Irine [RIP] and Rose

N Clifford

Posted: 23 Mar 2020

My Mother taught school here in the late 1940s. She lived at the Hotel and often related her experiences to me. Her name was Joyce Riwai.


Posted: 28 Feb 2011

In the early 60's we used to launch our cabin cruiser from the wharf at Tokaanu and head off on the lake. I seem to remember alot of green plum trees at the wharf. Am I correct in saying this.


Posted: 15 Dec 2009

My mother, her sisters and my grandmother lived in Tokaanu during the war. There was a two storey blue house they occupied. I remember seeing it as a child. There surname was Ensor and I believe my great grandmother Alma Mathers ran the hot pools. My grandmother was Millie Ensor,the girls were Gloria, Irene and Colleen. As a family we love the pools and have an affinity for the area.


Posted: 13 Oct 2008

My grandparents were married in the Church. My grandfather used to captain a ferry across the lake to Taupo and my grandmother worked in the Post Office - all around 1918-1920.