Training South Vietnamese soldiers

Training South Vietnamese soldiers

Corporal Steve Vautier, 1NZATTV, instructs South Vietnamese soldiers how to operate an M60 machine gun at Chi Lang, 1971.

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What do you know?


Posted: 19 Feb 2024

Mr Robertson, I wonder if you may have known my uncle George Galvin

1LT Sam Robertson

Posted: 20 Jan 2020

I was US Army, Infantry, 1LT, with MACV Advisory Team 75. Our 7th ARVN Division, Division Recon Company, based in My Tho rotated to Chi Lang for training in May-June 1969. My memories there was meeting the US Advisor to the training center, a LTC, who had graduated from Marion Military Institute (Marion, Perry Co., Alabama) in 1943 the year I was born. I was a graduate of MMI in 1963.

Another memory was drinking beer with my company's 2nd and 3rd Lieutenants in a down town Chi Lang bar.

A third memory was a Sunday visit to a Buddhist Pagoda on the top of Nui Ba Klet (Nabang Sheet 6042): Coord. 052651.