Upper Mangorei rolls of honour

Upper Mangorei rolls of honour

Mangorei rolls Mangorei rolls

Several rolls of honour are displayed high on one wall of the Upper Mangorei Hall & Sports Complex. The most impressive is a marble plaque erected in honour of the men of the district who gave their lives in the Great War. This lists the names of eight men, six of whom are described as ‘Mangorei school boys’.  This suggests that the plaque was originally installed at the Upper Mangorei School, then transferred to the old Mangorei hall when the school closed down in 1938.

A second, smaller plaque is dedicated to Private Charles Newnham Jackson, the only local man recorded as killed during the Second World War.

There are also two framed and decorated rolls of honour: The ‘Roll of Honour / World’s Greatest War, 1914-18 / Mangorei Heroes’ lists the names of 35 men who served overseas in order of their embarkation. It also records the fate of the 19 casualties (four killed, three died of wounds, one died of sickness, three wounded, seven wounded twice, and one gassed). The Upper Mangorei Second World War roll of honour lists the names and ranks of 13 men who saw active service and ten men who saw home service.

The rolls of honour were presumably transferred from the old Mangorei hall when the new hall and sports complex was opened on 15 December 1991.

Transcriptions of the rolls of honour can be found in both the following sources: Upper Mangorei: The Place, the People, Through the Years, second edition, 2002, pp. [3-5, 40]; ‘Upper Mangorei Hall & Sports Complex’, Kete New Plymouth.


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