Waimana-Nukuhou North memorial hall

The Waimana-Nukuhou North memorial hall was opened in 1953. Above the hall’s fireplace is a plaque listing the names of two local men who gave their lives in the First World War and 17 who gave their lives in the Second World War. A display board below gives the names and, in many cases, the photographs of the 12 local men who served in First World War and the 74 who served in the Second World War (43 in the Army, 10 in the Air Force, four in the Navy and 17 on home service); also the names of 36 ex-servicemen who had moved into district since 1945.

A framed bronze plaque at the hall’s entrance, erected in 1964, pays tribute to “The original pioneers of the Waimana settlement from 2nd Sept. 1907 to 28th Sept. 1909” (27 names follow). 

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