Waitoitoi Memorial Hall

Waitoitoi Memorial Hall

Waitoitoi Memorial Hall Waitoitoi Memorial Hall Waitoitoi Memorial Hall

The Waitoitoi Memorial Hall was opened in 1955.

It contains the Pukearuhe First World War roll of honour (“Men who served in the Great War 1914-1919”). This was unveiled on 25 July 1920. Its original location has not been recorded, but it was presumably housed in the old Pukearuhe hall, prior to the opening of the new Pukearuhe-White Cliffs hall in 1924.

The roll of honour is a wooden tablet inset with the names and photographs of 23 men: Rifleman C. McOne (killed in action), Lance Corporal H.A. Waterson (killed in action), Corporal W.J. Davis, Lance Corporal C. Lambert, Private L. Taylor (accidentally killed), Rifleman J.G. Martin, Corporal S.N. Moody, Private [G?] Blanchard, Private S. Shirley, Corporal H. Watts, Trooper [R.] H. Farmer (killed in action), Quartermaster Sergeant C.G. Davis, Private S. Main (killed in action), Private H. Rowe, Corporal T.H. Martin, Private [J.] H. Waters (killed in action), Driver M.E. Waterson, Private R. Gunn, Gunner C. Clarke, Rifleman J.L Cartwright, Private H.R. Waterson (killed in action), Private R. Bell (died of sickness) and Private J.[H.] Waters.

Of the above, H.A. Waterson, L. Taylor, R.H. Farmer, J.H. Waters and H.R. Waterson are also listed on the Pukearuhe section of the Urenui First World War memorial obelisk.

The hall also displays the Waitoitoi-Pukearuhe Second World War roll of honour (“Men who served in the Great War 1939-1945”). This lists 28 men: Private F. Crudis, Corporal J.A. Wetton, Warrant Officer W. Lambert, Private H. Penwarden, Lance Corporal J. Lambert, [Aircraftsman?] J. Luxton, Corporal G. Sulzberger, Warrant Officer A. Phillips (killed), Private J. Rider (killed), Private A.J.L. Herbert, Private W. Reid, Private J. James, Private A. Phillips, Sergeant G. Penwarden, Corporal K. Phillips, Private E. Legge, Sergeant W. Hermann, Private B. Yeates, Private R. Terrill, Private T. Zimmerman, Private R. Polglase (killed), Flight Sergeant N. Rowe (killed), Private J. Rassie, Bombardier N. Willison, Corporal A.H. Martin, Private R. Rosser, Private C. Jones, Private C.R. Baker and Sapper N.T. Dobson.

There is also a separate Waitoitoi District roll of honour 1939-1945, which contains many of the above names plus E.C. Berry (killed), J. Bertrand, F. Free, M. Jones, J.N. Mooney, C. Rowe, and H. Sanson.

Two smaller wooden tablets acknowledge the service of two Pukearuhe men, Corporal R.A. Herbert and Private R. Johnson, in J-Force; and of Major H. Russell MC of Waitoitoi in both Korea and Vietnam.

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