Waitotara memorial gates

The Waitotara memorial gates at the entrance to the Waitotara Domain were unveiled on 12 December 1925. The pillars were inset with plaques inscribed with dedications to the men from the district who fought and who lost their lives in the Great War. Text for the Second World War was later added. No names appear on the memorial, but district rolls of honour have been published in the local school history and congregational rolls of honour can be found in St Mark's Anglican Church.

See: Waitotara School Centennial, 1876-1976: School and District History, Wanganui, 1976, pp. 53-5; M.P. Condon, Waverley-Waitotara Returned Services' Association, 1920-1995, Whanganui, 1996, pp. 83-4.

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Gloria Thompson

Posted: 22 Jan 2020

We have great grandparents who gained a Ballot Farm. We know the Waitotara River ran near by. Where could we investigate information about where the farm would have been. Possibly just prior to 1900.

Nicholas Higton

Posted: 07 Sep 2014

I have been doing some limited research into William Hurnall Arthur Worsop's early life in England (he was my daughter-in-law's great-great uncle). His parents were William Arthur Worsop (of Howden in East Yorkshire) and Margaret Blanche Hurnall.
Please contact me if you would like further information (or you can find some on my MyHeritage tree).

Murray Rowlands

Posted: 21 Apr 2014

Thanks Jamie for putting this information up online, I will pass it on to family, a couple of years late but I was just thinking of him for some strange reason and did a quick search and found your information.


Posted: 12 May 2012

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]
Mr. Arthur Worsop
Mr. Arthur Worsop, the Headmaster of the Waitotara Public School, was born in Yorkshire, England, and received his education at one of the London schools, finishing at Oberstein, in Germany. He came to the colonies per ship “Achilles,” in 1870, and took up his abode in Otago, where he was engaged in teaching in Dunedin and other parts of the province for a period of eighteen years. Prior to coming to the North Island, Mr. Worsop had charge of the public school at Naseby, a school with a roll number of 200 children, and after holding this position for eight years, he was obliged to resign on account of his health, which had become very delicate. Consequently he left the South Island in 1888, and took charge of the rising generation at Waitotara, where he is much respected


Posted: 12 May 2012

I read up about your ancestor.. I found some things on him.. I dont know if he was a Reverend but I do know that he has been referred to as Brother W.H. Arthur Worsop and he was a freemason and was part of an org they called the Friendly society. I also found a piece of news in the death notice talking about a younger son of the late W H and J K Arthur-Worsop who died on March 12th 1926 in a private hospital in Alphonse Cambell of Hawera. His younger sons residence was 117 Wheturangi Road possibly in Hawera. His younger son was just mentioned as Arthur-Worsop. he also had a fifth son called Louis mainwaring arthur worsop who died aged 24 yrs and this son died in Auckland.


Posted: 09 Feb 2011

Hi Murray - there is a short entry about him in the Cyclopedia of NZ (1897): - I'm assuming this entry was written before he became a Reverend?
Jamie Mackay

Murray Rowlands

Posted: 09 Feb 2011

I'm trying to find information about my great grand father the Rev William Hurnell Arthur-Worsop who was head teacher at Waitotara about 1874?
He came up from Naseby where he was head teacher in the early 1870's.
His wife was Jane Kerr and my grand parents and mother where all from Hawera.