Walton War Memorial Domain

Walton War Memorial Domain

Walton War Memorial DomainWalton War Memorial Domain

On 23 April 1956 a war memorial wall and gates were dedicated at the entrance to the newly developed Walton War Memorial Domain. Sixteen shrubs were also planted in memory of servicemen from the district who had died during both world wars. The men’s names were listed on a brass plaque set into a niche in the wall.

The First World War servicemen were J. Allen, E. Hill, W.L. Labrum, F.H. Mapp and B.J. Russell. The Second World War servicemen were K.W.S. Adams, S.J. Attwood, R.H. Bonish, J. Craig, N.W. Hirst, J.M. McLean, N.S. O’Keefe, G.B. Steele, T. V. Symes, W.H. Taylor and R.D. Wallace.

The Walton roll of honour as published in the district’s 75th jubilee history and the Walton School’s centenary history includes the names of several more local men who died, as well as a list of 93 other servicemen from the district.

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