Wellington College memorial window

Wellington College memorial window

Detail from window

Wellington College memorial window, circa 1986.

Wellington College opened in 1867 as Wellington Grammar School in Woodward St, though Sir George Grey had given the school a deed of endowment in 1853. In 1874 it opened at its present location. The former boarding establishment at the College, Firth House, was named after Joseph Firth, the headmaster from 1892 to 1921. Wellington College's Pavilion, Firth House and the Gifford Observatory were opened on 1 December 1924. The War Memorial Hall was opened on 2 March 1928, financially supported by £6000 from the Old Boys' Association. The War Memorial Hall was demolished by the Ministry of Works and replaced in the 1960s. The memorial window was reinstalled in the new building.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
School grounds Window N.Z. flag,
St. George

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