Weymouth Hall memorial

Weymouth Hall memorial

Weymouth Hall Weymouth Hall

The Weymouth hall was opened as a privately owned hall in 1926, but was sold to Manukau County Council in 1940. In 1954 the council renovated and enlarged the building. Two years later a brick façade was added and a bronze plaque was set into the façade beside the front entrance:

In memory of those who served
World War I 1914-18 &
World War II 1939-45
We honour you

There is no record of an unveiling ceremony, but on 25 April 1958 an official Anzac Day service was held in the hall for the first time. After the service wreaths were laid in front of the war memorial plaque outside.

The hall was largely destroyed by fire in June 1982, but was rebuilt and officially reopened on 2 October 1983. The hall is sometimes known as the Weymouth Memorial Hall or the Weymouth War Memorial Hall, but strictly speaking the memorial portion is restricted to the brick façade and the plaque at the front of the building.

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