Whenuakite memorials

Whenuakite memorials

The Whenuakite Centennial Hall was opened in 1944. On 20 October 1956 the war memorial section of the hall was opened and the Whenuakite roll of honour was unveiled. This listed four names from the First World War, including F.G. Harsant (died of sickness) and H. Tuke (killed in action), and 18 names from the Second World War, including T.C. Cannon (killed in action).

After the hall was closed and demolished the roll of honour was transferred to the local school. A small memorial was built on the former site of the hall. This included a stone wall inset with a tablet listing the names from the original roll of honour.

See: Whenuakite School 75th Jubilee, 1908-1983, Thames, 1983, p. 83.

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