Whitikahu memorial hall

Roll of honour

Whitikahu hall and roll of honour.

It is not marked nor built as a war memorial hall but is regarded by locals as a war memorial hall.

(The tablets on the gate record the donation of the land on which the tennis courts are built.)

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What do you know?

Mrs.Christine Leaf, Tauranga

Posted: 21 Feb 2016

My parents, Mr. And Mrs .J.B. Whyte bought a farm right next to the Tauhei Quarry in about 1948. I first went to school at Tauhei but then for some reason to do with school buses my Mother arranged for me to go to Whitikahu School . A Mr. Doull was the headmaster. My parents started a Sunday School in the Whitikahu Hall and a very pretty lady called Shirley Priest played the piano for us. I remember the Hansens who had a sort of commune and kept bees. The school bus driver must have been called Mr.Watson because the I remember the bus was called Watties Trap. It certainly doesn,t compare with the school buses of today. My Father sold the farm and we shifted to Waihou, near Te Aroha. The only other person I remember at Whitikahu School was a lovely Maori girl called Peggy Walker and I would love to know what happened to her. Our neighbours were Maori folk by the name of Hopa. There was George, Shirley and Thelma Hopa and they were lovely people.