Wimbledon war memorial

Wimbledon war memorial

Wimbledon memorial names


Wimbledon memorial names

Wimbledon memorial, including names listed.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Intersection Triangle of stones Wreath, rifle,
sword, fern leaf

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Posted: 09 Jan 2020

We might also add that the R J Holms listed here as R Holmes was married to Gertrude Holms (nee Herbert), a prominent name on this memorial as well as in this Central Hawkes Bay district.

Wallaby Historian

Posted: 02 Aug 2012

Amongst the men listed on this memorial to have served in WW1 from Wimbledon is R J Holms not R Holmes. Robert Holms later died from the effects of gas poisoning in 1929 received on the western front while serving with the Wellingtons.