Winton war memorial

Winton war memorial

Winton war memorial, c. 1986.

Winton memorial in 2008 Winton memorial in 2008 Winton memorial in 2008 Winton memorial in 2008

Winton war memorial in May 2008.

Further information  from Vince Boyle:

Winton Memorial Gates were unveiled on Anzac Day 1929 by Don Dutton (I think he was chaplain to NZ Territorials). The concrete 14 tonne twin pillars with an ornate iron gate were cut off at their bases and transported to Anzac Oval (80m south on Great North Road) and re-sited there on new foundations in time for Anzac Day 2008 at a cost of $35,928.

Architect  was E. R. Wilson in Modern Style with art deco influences.

Winton Primary School has a marble slab inscribed with names of ex-pupils killed in war. It was inserted into the original brick building, removed when that was demolished and re-erected on the new site at the other end of the school grounds. Now (April 2008) re-erected in front of the main office entrance.

After the Second World War the Winton RSA built a new hall and club rooms on Great North Road.

Winton Presbyterian church has a list of adherents who served in both wars in the church porch.

Winton memorial in 2008

South African War memorial plaque at Winton. The plaque was erected on 9 August 1902 to mark the coronation of King Edward VII. The inscription reads, 'In Memory of the Southland troopers who heroically fought and fell in the South African Campaign 1899-1902.'

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David Cowie

Posted: 09 Jun 2014

Does the name, Lennox Cowie appear on the Winton war memorial.

Kevin O'Brien

Posted: 13 Jul 2009

WHY have you not put the names of those who died on the web site. YOU spent all that money on shifting the memorial. WAS it that difficult to place their names. SHAME on you Winton!!!!! KevinO'Brien 540 Ferguson Street Palmerston North Phone (06) 3575256 [email protected]