Pukekohe First World War memorial

Pukekohe First World War memorial

Pukekohe First World War memorial. This memorial was moved to its present site in April 1980. The second image shows the memorial in its original location in 1921.

On 6 November 1921 Prime Minister William Massey unveiled the Pukekohe First World War memorial. The war memorial gates were situated on a plot of land donated by William Roulston on the eastern side of the railway line. They included a column inset with a bas-relief sculpture of a soldier holding a flag. This was later replaced by an alternative version, for which a local returned soldier, W.J. (Bill) Short, reputedly served as the model.

In April 1980 the memorial column was relocated from Roulston Park to the Pukekohe War Memorial Town Hall to enable the town's commemorative ceremonies to be held at a single site. During the 1980 Anzac Day ceremony, Mr Short laid a wreath on behalf of the First World War veterans present.

The 60 names of Pukekohe's First World War fallen can be found on a memorial chaplet (chapelet) at the Pukekohe returned soldiers' lawn cemetery in Wellington Street.

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Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
near public
soldier at
  6-Nov-21 0

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