Sound clip: holidays in the UK and NZ

Vera Donoghue describes holidaying in UK vs NZ.

Transcript of this interview

A fortnight's holiday — that was your big holiday — and you'd go away, or just go out for the day. But the weather was never good enough, you know, to sit and sunbathe. I used to go to Scotland and after a fortnight I'd probably come back [from] there with a suntan. But it was only a fortnight, for the rest of the year you were inside working. By the time you got home it was dark, you know, you just didn't think — at the weekend, you were washing, cleaning, getting ready for work. Or you went to the market, did your shopping, because we didn't have — oh we did have a little fridge — but you know all those things like we've got today, freezers in supermarkets, no. You had to buy food every day, bread every day, luncheon meat, cheese, everyday so it's fresh.

And as I go older I went to Scotland my self — I loved Scotland — but the sun wasn't like it is here. To be able to get up every day, come home from work and be out in the sunshine — wonderful — I mean, we couldn't get enough of it!

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