Lord Bledisloe speaking on his 90th birthday, 1957

Listen to Lord Bledisloe speaking in 1957 on the occasion of his 90th birthday.


On this my 90th birthday I send over the air to you, the people of New Zealand of all classes and both races, my affectionate greetings and assurances of my continued interest in your welfare. For over 27 years I have treasured immeasurably your confidence and goodwill. They have been a great source of inspiration to me in the varied activities of my very busy life. I cordially wish God's speed to your new Governor-General and Lady Cobham. Family history and tradition, proficiency in business and in sport and personal charm combine to render them exceptionally well fitted for their responsible task under the Southern Cross. I trust that with their encouragement and God's blessing, the lovable, loyal inhabitants of your beautiful country may enjoy, in the future, an unprecedented measure of progress, prosperity and happiness, cementing ever more closely the ties between our two countries to their mutual advantage.

Laby and Lady Bledisloe walking

Lord and Lady Bledisloe (1930–35). Lord Bledisloe encouraged New Zealanders to buy locally made garments but privately confessed that they were not the best.

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