Sound: Noel Rosoman describes the war in the Pacific

Hear Noel Rosoman talk about his experiences in the Pacific during the Second World War.


Where was it the American soldiers learned a bit of New Zealand?

Oh, that was, that was in, in the hospital in this New Zealand hospital. These two American sailors they were, they were only in there for two or three days I don't know there didn't appear to be much wrong with them and it was when they, they used to talk to us, they were very pleased to talk to us well most Americans were and they, they used to play a card game called pinochle. I have no idea how you play it but I have heard of it. But what it was I have no idea but that's what they used to do. Had nothing else to do. And when they were discharged after two or three days one of them turned to his mate and he said, he said, ?Well when we get back to our ship I'll be able to say to my buddies: Come on all you bloody jokers, come and get a bloody cup of tea.' (laughing) He picked up the New Zealand language all right.

Did you pick up any Americanisms?

Yes, but I couldn't repeat them. They had some very, very foul language.

Noel Rosoman

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