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Sound: Peter Renshaw describes the war in the Pacific

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Hear Peter Renshaw talk about his experiences in the Pacific during the Second World War.


And what about service in the Pacific? Do you think that that was recognised?

I don't think it has been. I don't think people realise just what we'd done you know. See, where we went, we were actually, that [Mono] was actually the first opposed landing since Gallipoli, I don't think that was, it was a tough one. people didn't realise that, you know. I suppose we expected to be recognised for what we'd done, put it that way, and we felt we weren't.

And I used to bump into some of my mates and oh, you know, I, we used to, sometimes used to kind of drink in the old Grand Hotel along Willis Street. I don't know if you remember where that was. We'd be in there drinking, and we'd talk about where we?d been, and that sort of thing and, and we always had this, all had this feeling that we should have been given more recognition.

The Pacific people?

Yes, yes.

So why do you think that was?

I don't really know. We hadn't seen as much action as we would have done if we'd gone to the Middle East I suppose.

So did you feel that the people who were in the Middle East and later Italy were more recognised than you?

You could say that. Yeah, you could say that I think.

Peter Renshaw

Hear Peter Renshaw .


Peter Renshaw interviewed by Alison Parr, 3 May 2004. From the Pacific War Oral History Project, Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH). Original interview held in Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Copyright MCH. Not to be reproduced.

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