Song: Sons of the Colonies

Sons of the Colonies composed by W. E. Whiteley.


England in danger!
Ominous words are these,
Roll they like thunder,
Flash'd o'er both land and seas.
Brave hearts in thousands,
Rise as with magic spell,
Ready for sacrifice, or Britain's dispel.
Sons of the Colonies,
Loyal to motherland,
Show Britain's enemies
We're one united band,
Rulers of Colonies,
Stand by your guiding star;
Forget not "twas old England
That made us what we are.

Sons of the Colonies,
Haste, haste, make ready.
"England in danger!"
Think what that might mean.
Let this be our battle cry,
"Colonials will do, or die,"
Whenever danger threatens
Our Empire and our Queen.

England in danger!
Think what that means to us.
Home of our fathers,
What foe thy path dare cross?
Regulars and volunteers
Ever your strength increase,
Raise more contingents still,
Ready to cross the seas.
Sons that have gone before
Show that the bulldog grit
Foes used to dread of yore,
Still in our blood runs fit.
Rulers of Colonies,
Staunch prove in time of war;
Remember we've old England
To thank for what we are.


England in danger!
Let our generation
Grasp opportunity
Speed on federation;
Welded in unity, then let our foes beware -
As one community,
We will Britain's danger share.
Sons of the Colonies, parents and maidens too,
Rulers and Ministers, all that are loyal, true,
Raise as with one accord
Voices both near and far.
Unite in cheers for England,
That made us what we are -
For our Queen, hip, hip hip,
For our Empire, hip, hip, hip,
For old England, hip, hip, hip,


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