Sound clip: Yvette Williams at the 1952 Olympics

Hear Yvette Williams describe winning the longjump (then known as broad jump) at the 1952 Olympics, Helsinki

Transcript: Yvette Williams interview about her win at the Helsinki Olympics, 1952

In the morning we were required to reach a standard and I think it was only 17 feet 4, quite a small distance really, and I qualified by jumping 20 feet 2. In the afternoon, of course, I had two no-jumps and the Russian girl was leading with 20 feet 2 and a fraction. And in my third jump I managed to qualify for another three jumps which took me into the final. There are six athletes that go into the final for an extra three jumps and in my fourth jump I managed to reach 20 feet 5 and 3/4 which gave me first place.

Interviewer. And what were your feelings when it was announced that you had won the event?

Oh! I was very excited, of course. Oh I don't know what I thought at the time!

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