Film: opposing views - 1981 Springbok tour

The All Black and the pilot

A 1981 All Black, Doug Rollerson, and flour-bomb pilot Marx Jones provide opposing views on the tour in this 2006 interview. Both are adamant that they were right in the stance they took at the time.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2021

If these protesters were so dedicated to their cause they should of got on a plane and did there protesting in South Africa at the government and person’s they were protesting about not a rugby game in New Zealand that has no control how another country governs all it did was piss off kiwis trying to enjoy the rugby but they wouldn’t of done that because they weren’t that dedicated to travel too place of the cause just easier to be a pest at a footy game in no way whatsoever did there protest have any bearing on the end of apartheid it was other issues that did that 80% of those protesters were just keen on a confrontation proud tour supporter .