Preparing rowers' camp for 1950 Empire Games

This 1949 National Film Unit presentation shows preparations for the 1950 Empire Games rowing competitions on Lake Karāpiro.

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Posted: 01 Aug 2020

Kia ora (Hello, informally)

Ka pai (good) newsreel. Really enjoyed the vision of the past when New Zealand/Aotearoa was developing as a dominion in the British Empire. We have benefited as peoples from the infrastructure the large and small projects. Sport with waka and rowing shell racing racing was alive back then in regions whether organised along European or Maori lines. They made so much fun, entertainment, and exercise for our peoples.

Now we have the Commonwealth here at home and elsewhere as a community of nations united in sport with the rest of the peoples of the globe. Maybe we can row and sail there in waka (water going craft) and other craft built upon other technologies adopted from the past and with further technological development ?