Film: ferry in Cook Strait on a rough day

For real ‘roughers’, see this clip from of the rival freight ferry Suilven leaving Wellington Harbour a few years ago.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2019

Memories! The best part is when the 2 ferries that depart from either end meet at the middle of the channel and you see how badly the other ferry gets tossed aorund by the waves and you just think to yourself, "Wow we must look just like that !?"


Posted: 24 Feb 2010

i love this video my kids keep bringing it up & there is a photo in the waterloo hotel welligton behind the bar which i admire everytime i go in....its a lovely piece of history.


Posted: 24 Feb 2010

i worked on that ship the suilven in port. it was waitangi day about 2002? been a while now. and the weather was beautiful & fine clear blue sky until it got out into heads. all passengers were warned before hand that it was going to be a rough sailing, they could get of if they wanted but nobody they must of like the sailing i guess. i still work for strait shipping that owned the boat. i also have photos of this sailing as well.