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Coromandel First World War memorial

Coromandel war memorial, c1986.

Coromandel war memorial names

Coromandel war memorial detail showing names.

Names on the memorial

Thanks to Jeni Palmer for contributing this transcription of the names on the memorial.

First World War

  • Anderson H
  • Broadgate F
  • Barrett F
  • Barker R
  • Campbell D
  • Carlyon W
  • Carlyon S
  • Claney J
  • Cadman A
  • Denize L C
  • Davies H
  • Davies E
  • Davis R E
  • Durrant R F
  • Fraser R L
  • Geard A
  • Hunter W
  • Hovell G
  • Lincoln R
  • Legge C
  • Mc Neil Arch
  • McGuiness B
  • McDonald M A
  • Mc Neil Alf
  • Mc Neil J
  • Merrick J J
  • Ogilvie C E
  • Prescott G
  • Reddy T
  • Rhodes E
  • Strongman W
  • Sherman F
  • Thomas C
  • Tiernan E
  • Tiller J
  • Walding A
  • Wenzlick G

Second World War

  • Bell J
  • Blithe J V
  • Campbell W
  • Fisher A
  • Fraser J
  • Judah H
  • Kerr E
  • McKenzie A
  • Notman A J
  • Thwaites J R C H
  • Thwaites R S V
  • Webb G R

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Coromandel war memorial

Coromandel war memorial

Kate Hunter, 2000


Jock Phillips and Chris Maclean

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