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Great War Memorial Window, St Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin

This window was dedicated to the glory of God, and in loving and thankful memory of those of Otago and Southland who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914 – 1918.

The window was made by James Powell and Son, Whitefriars, London; the money collected by subscriptions canvassed throughout Otago and Southland.

The window represents Victory (right half) through Sacrifice (left half) symbolised by the Golden Crown and the Crown of Thorns respectively in the upper tracery. Within the tracery sections are the Coats of Arms of the Otago and Southland Regiments, and the Arms of New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The top line of figures consists of (1) St. Michael the Warrior Angel; (2) the Angel of Suffering; (3) Sacrifice; (4) Death; (5) Gabriel the Archangel of Peace; (6) Angel with Chalice of Remembrance; (7) of the Resurrection; and (8) Victory with the Crown of Glory.

The central line symbolises Fortitude, Patience, Truth, Obedience, Love, Faith, Hope, and Peace.

The bottom line uses new symbols for the top themes: War in Heaven, the Paschal Lamb, Moses lifting up the serpent in the wilderness, the Entombment, the Nativity, Christ reigning from the Cross, and the Resurrection and Ascension.

After many years it was discovered that the Angel of Peace and the Angel of Suffering had been transposed. Window No. 2 should be in the No. 5 position, and vice versa.


Information and image: Katrin Buerkle, St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral, 2016

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