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Hamilton War Memorial Park


The Hamilton war memorial is located in the Soldiers Memorial Park in Hamilton East. The memorial consists of the park itself, a square obelisk, a roll of honour, and a number of objects dedicated to artillery gunners, the navy, and the air force. Opposite the cenotaph is the First World War Roll of Honour, and to the left is the Second World War Roll of Honour.

Further to the south is the New Memorial Park, which has a Second World War memorial bearing the following inscription:


The quotation comes from a poem by Rupert Brooke: “These laid the world away, and poured out the red sweet wine of youth.”

There is a plaque on the steps down to the nearby Waikato River that commemorates the landing of the 4th Waikato Regiment in August 1864.

In 2017 a war horse memorial was unveiled in the park to acknowledge the 10,000 horses from New Zealand sent to the First World War. Read more about the war horse memorial.

Names from the Hamilton War Memorial Roll of Honour 1914-1918

Thanks to Jeni Palmer for supplying this list.

  • Alexander K H Q Sgt
  • Alker E Pte
  • Allen J Sgt
  • Andrews T Pte
  • Armstrong W Pte
  • Athier R Rfl
  • Aver C C Pte
  • Ayling A Bdr
  • Baddeley H S Lieut
  • Barlow J R Pte
  • Bayley R Maj
  • Bennett L F Pte
  • Bettley C Bdr
  • Bolton P Pte
  • Bond A Pte
  • Booker J W Pte
  • Bradely G T Pte
  • Brough J F Pte
  • Brumby H Lieut
  • Burns J Pte
  • Burbush D C Pte
  • Burbush G E Gnr
  • Burkehard A Pte
  • Callaghan M Rfl
  • Campbell E G Sgt
  • Campbell T Pte
  • Capper J J Rfl
  • Carey H O Pte
  • Carter K H Pte
  • Carter N H Rfl
  • Carter N Pte
  • Cave H B Pte
  • Choate B Sgt
  • Churches E Pte
  • Clark H J Gnr
  • Clark S M Pte
  • Coleman A D Rfl
  • Cook S M Pte
  • Cooper O W Pte
  • Cowan P M Pte
  • Cox H Lieut
  • Cox W L Cpl
  • Craig A K Sgt
  • Cramp J A Gnr
  • Cronnin T Sgt
  • Crowley G Pte
  • Daking C Pte
  • Dann J Pte
  • Davis G Cpl
  • Davis A J Pte
  • Davis C F S Gnr
  • Davis F Rfl
  • Davis W Pte
  • Davey E B Lieut
  • Delaney A Sgt
  • Dempsey W J Pte
  • Dickeson C Rfl
  • Donn A C L Cpl
  • Donn R Pte
  • Donn S Cpl
  • Donovan T R Pte
  • Drummond F T Pte
  • Elliot W Pte
  • Enersen J Rfl
  • Emmens G Sgt
  • Erwin E Pte
  • Farrier C Sgt
  • Farrier T Pte
  • Faville C E Pte
  • Fear F J H Cpl (DCM)
  • Foster R C Pte
  • Frear F R Sig
  • Fry L F Gnr
  • Gadd H Pte
  • Gee A N Pte
  • Gillander N Rfl
  • Gillett L F Capt
  • Gilmour J K M Sgt
  • Goodfellow E Lieut
  • Goodfellow J Maj
  • Gow D C Rfl
  • Graham C K O 2nd Lieut
  • Grace G A Pte
  • Grace T Pte
  • Grant C Cpl
  • Grigg A Pte
  • Grimwade E N Lieut
  • Grimwade L R Cpl
  • Hailwood W Pte
  • Hall McC Rfl
  • Hall W H Pte
  • Halliday J J Pte
  • Hardwick H T Pte
  • Hardwick L J Pte
  • Harp J A Cpl
  • Harris W J Pte
  • Hatrick J G Capt
  • Hatrick R E Pte
  • Hinton W Pte
  • Hobbs J B Sgt Maj
  • Holden J Bdr
  • Houston J Rfl
  • Hudner J Pte
  • Hulme G Rfl
  • Hunter J L F Capt
  • Irvine T Pte
  • Jackson G E Tpr
  • Jess L F Pte
  • Jobe J Pte
  • Jones C S Tpr
  • Johnson M Rfl
  • King A Lieut Col
  • King T Pte
  • Kibblewhite L L Cpl
  • Knight N Dvr
  • Lawson J Gnr
  • Lee R Rfl
  • Leech J D L Sgt Maj
  • Letford F E Pte
  • Lewis R Pte
  • Libeau A G Pte
  • Libeau E J L Cpl
  • Lissaman S Rfl
  • Liversedge F Rfl
  • Lockley B A Tpr
  • Long F Pte
  • Lorrie A Rfl
  • McCaw N A Pte
  • McGarridle J Gnr
  • McGregor J L F Sgt
  • McGregor T A Pte
  • McKenzie R W Pte
  • McKenzie H Rfl
  • McLean K C Sgt
  • McHaffie G T Pte
  • McKinnon M Pte
  • McNicol C Gnr
  • McNicol D Gnr
  • Macky A Rfl
  • Madill A R Cpl
  • Mayes G H Pte
  • Mason W Rfl
  • Meachem C G Pte
  • Medway L Rfl
  • Medland B A Pte
  • Menzies W G Pte
  • Milne A C L Cpl
  • Mills W Rfl
  • Missen D C Sgt
  • Moffat G Sgt
  • Moir G Gnr
  • Monkman A Rfl
  • Moore-Jones H Spr
  • Munday H K Pte
  • Munroe K Pte
  • Munroe R Rfl
  • Newdick J N Pte
  • Paulson H Pte
  • Pardoa H Sgt
  • Primrose J Rfl
  • Primrose S W Pte
  • Popham A C Tpr
  • Prisk E P Bdr (MM)
  • Probert T Pte
  • Ramsay H V Rfl
  • Redmond R Bdr
  • Redmond T Pte
  • Reynolds F Sister
  • Riddell J Tpr
  • Richards W Tpr
  • Rollett Carr Lieut
  • Rose J K Tpr
  • Ross F G Pte
  • Ryan J Pte
  • Salisbury C Spr
  • Sanders O F Sgt
  • Sanderson P Sister
  • Sare H E Capt
  • Satchwell K Pte
  • Saulbrey P Rfl
  • Scott K Pte
  • Seed G J Vpl
  • Selwyn T Pte
  • Shaw W Pte
  • Simpson W Tpr
  • Smith J L F Pte
  • Smith V J Pte
  • Sommer R Rfl
  • Stewart T Pte
  • Still C Pte
  • Tait C R Gnr
  • Taylor G B R Sgt
  • Terry F W Cpl
  • Terry J McL Pte
  • Thompson A McG Pte
  • Trickett W Tpr
  • Tuttle A Pte
  • Twidle V Sgt
  • Voight F E P Pte
  • Wallace G N Sgt Maj
  • Whitehorn W K Pte
  • Wilson L L Cpl
  • Wilson W Gnr
  • Worsley H J 2nd Lieut
  • Wright A Tpr
  • Wylie W Pte
  • Wyrall C M LCpl

Find out more about the people listed on this memorial by searching on Auckland Museum's Cenotaph database


Images: Jock Phillips and Chris Maclean (top image, c1986)
Ang Wickham, 2010
John Halpin, 2015, 2016
Kate Trigger, 2020

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